Nothing comes close to how showers can invigorate a person and prepare them for another day ahead. Well, coffee does come close, but when choosing either, it’s perfectly clear which one is more essential in a morning routine. However, while taking a shower is already good enough with a mediocre shower panel, getting an amazing one can make a lot of difference. It’s one of those things in life that you’d think is not worth spending on, but is actually a huge leap in terms of benefits and value for the given cost. But before rushing off to the store to buy a shower panel, or placing an order online, it’s best to do some research first in order to take note of several considerations.

  1. Cost

Generally, feature-rich shower panels are more expensive than plain hot-and-cold knobs. There are cheap options, but if they’re cheaper than the average basic shower panel, then there must be something wrong with its build quality. Conversely, there are brands that are bold enough to slap jaw-dropping price tags on their shower panels but aren’t really any better than ones that are half their cost. The price of a shower panel shouldn’t be the ultimate factor in determining which shower panel is best, but it should be taken into account when comparing other factors that must be considered as well.

  1. Features and options

Hot and cold controls are standard. But then the point is buying shower panels that can provide more than just temperature regulators. Controlling the shower head so that it can provide different ways it releases water. Misty showers can be a great way to take long, luxurious baths. Rainfall shower can emulate the feeling of being under the rain, naked. Massage jets also has its uses but is obviously unpleasant for taking regular showers. Nevertheless, having all these spray options and more in a shower panel is well worth it.

  1. Panel design

Don’t listen to people who say that function holds more heft than form. A good form serves its function, after all. Shower panels that don’t match the bathroom tiles or walls will look unpleasant. It’s one of those subtle things that can derail a person’s morning routine. Visual appeal or the lack of it is an important determining factor in choosing a shower panel. Fortunately, most people are already aware of this. The problem is that some fall short of having a good eye for design. To avoid buying shower panels that don’t fit the bathroom’s theme, it might be a good idea to ask interior designers. Even only on message boards.

  1. Brand

Just like cost, the brand should be just one of the many factors that influence a decision on what shower panel to buy. Generally, however, brands that are more popular are usually more accountable. This means that they try their best to make their products in a way that meets their customer’s expectations. If it’s too much trouble to learn about brand popularity, check out reviews like the one at to make it easier to choose.

Four Considerations When Buying a Shower Panel
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