There are many people that now use a wood fired pizza for either indoor or outdoor cooking activities. This appliance is able to produce the temperatures that are required for preparing a properly cooked pizza. That’s not all, you can also use is in baking bread and roasting meat. You should therefore make sure that you get the best wood fire pizza oven for your money. It is also essential that you learn how to use the wood-fired pizza oven correctly for you to get perfect dishes. It requires a lot of skill and maintenance compared to an electric or gas oven.

The first step is to understand how the oven works. Basically, you want to heat up the oven evenly and store enough heat in the refractory to be used during cooking. There are three types of heat that are stored during the heat up process. Conductive heat transferred by the firebricks to the cooking base, radiant heat produced by the dome and convection heat. You should heat the oven to the maximum temperature then let it cool down to the appropriate temperature required to cook.

The next step that you should take before you before using your oven to cook is curing it. You should note that oven contains a high ratio of water to concrete. This water has to be baked out of the oven. You can cure your oven by lighting multiple fires. These fires increase in size and temperature each time you use your oven without cleaning it. Make sure that you cure your oven thoroughly. You should be careful so that you do not bring damages to the oven such as the water turning into steam instead of being baked out.

You should then make sure that you have the right tools for firing up the oven. The starters of the fire should preferably be non-toxic and odor-free such as crumpled newspapers. You can also use softwood to start the fire and hardwood to maintain the fire. Once you have lit the fire you can then use hardwood if you want to produce intense heat for a longer period of time. During the firing, you should leave the door partially opened to allow for an effective circulation of air.

The other step is to push the fire to the oven’s side. This will improve the functioning of the oven by pushing the cold air further so that it is not in contact with the heat source. You will also help the oven to maintain the heat that is produced and therefore the dish will cook faster. You should always have a look at the pizza’s side when cooking. You should rotate the pizza once it begins to turn brown.

In conclusion, you should take care of your wood-fired pizza oven by making sure that no water gets into the cooking base. Water can cause damage to the oven or make the firing process difficult. You should sweep the ashes using a natural bristle when cleaning the oven. You can reduce the smoke in the chimney by making sure that you do not burn toxic materials in the oven.

How to Use a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

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