Soda makers are definitely trending nowadays. That is because sodas have been a staple in every type of private, corporate, and social events. Additionally, they are also one of the drinks that are served to home and office guests, as well as during sit-down lunches and dinners. Sodas or carbonated drinks are also consumed by both adults and children. Thus, people can find a lot of commercially-prepared sodas in the market. However, such products, according to experts, are not really very good for a person’s health. That is because they contain artificial additives and sweeteners.

The good news is that people can already make their own sodas in their homes and offices. Thanks to the companies that have produced several types of kitchen countertop soda makers. Through such, they can prepare artificial-free carbonated beverages in a very short period of time. They can also choose to add flavor using natural ingredients like oils and fruits. The good thing about such products is that people can just use tap water in making their sparkling or carbonated drink. On the other hand, it is important to note that people can now have fresh and natural sodas wherever they will go. That is because they can already find portable soda makers in the market. Such is a good idea for people who just can’t tolerate drinking plain water.


Portable and handheld soda makers are also a good choice for people who love to go out on a picnic, hike, and mountain climbing but want to add some flavor and sparkle into their drinks. The great thing is that they no longer have to buy a can or bottle of soda in the store. Thus, they do not need to carry a lot when they are going outdoors. Similarly, they will not be producing lots of trash that they need to carry on their way back. With such in regard, they are also helping maintain the beauty and save the environment from the high level of garbage.


People who are in search for portable soda makers are recommended to purchase the product made by HB Inc. This affordable, hand-held machine has its own carbon dioxide canister and is very safe since it is BPA-free. Its standout feature is that it has a control button that enables the user to choose the strength of the frizz or carbonating action. As per its capacity, it can produce one liter of carbonated beverage. Another product worth considering is the lightweight and easy-to-use portable soda maker from SodaSparkle. The product is sold together with jugs and a carbon dioxide charger. A feature that most people love about it is that it can also be used for alcoholic beverages and mocktails.


The Hamilton Beach Fizzini portable soda maker is well-known for its very small size. Thus, people should remember that it can only produce eight grams of beverage. Upon purchase, the buyer will get ten bottles of carbon dioxide. On another note, people who are really interested with portable, as well as countertop soda makers can visit so that they can get more detailed information on the quality products.

Portable Soda Makers
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