While the contemporary design ideas are taking the world of interior decorations by storm, it is bidding adieu to many other design concepts. Contemporary designs, while functional, are just too harsh with its straight lines and sleek forms. Meanwhile, some are too beautiful to just fade away while modern designs take center stage. It means that romantic girls’ bedroom furniture will be harder to find or may take some to be custom made. Bedroom and romance just go together; it will be hard to think of one without the other.


Girls generally feel a close affinity to all shades of pink, flowers, laces, ribbons, candles, scents, and dainty baskets. That is not surprising because these are all elements of a luxurious and romantic ambiance that almost all girls dream of having in their lives. Moreover, the bedroom is just the right space where all of these can happen.


If you want to indulge your little princess with a romantic country style bedroom, matching her bedroom furniture in the design typical of a Chantilly Rose can spell luxury and comfort. A daybed with an intricate design on one side can very well serve the purpose and it will not be too oversized too. A Chantilly Rose daybed bedding set includes a comforter and pleated skirt in soft silk and pink floral prints. The luxurious feeling is expounded with a whole set of pillows in color-coordinated colors and prints.


If a daybed is out of the question, a rightly-sized bed fit for your young lady would suffice. Choose bed linens made of Chantilly Rose fabric. However, to somehow break the design, bed linens made of silk in pastel hues would still look great. Silk exudes femininity and soft bed linens would be just right for your young lady’s bedroom. You can find some of the best silk comforters online, and the great thing about it is that there are reviews provided for each of their type and brand. That will help you decide which ones would look great in your daughter’s bedroom, which ones she’ll love, and which one will fit your budget. It would be hard to achieve the right appeal without the right bed linens. As much as possible, you’d want a set that’s inviting to make your daughter’s downtime comfortable and cozy.


The same inviting elegance and romance can be mimicked in the other girls’ bedroom furniture. An elaborate matching nightstand with a lamp which has stunning tassel fringes can be coordinated with the bed and the windows. The windows can be treated with floor length curtains in the same Chantilly Rose fabric with matching valances and tassel fringes. Meanwhile, a chest or a drawer and a pair of wing chairs with a matching table in the same intricate design can complete the ensemble.


Luxury, elegance, and romance should be the running theme for your girl’s bedroom from the furniture and bed linens in it down to the tiniest ribbon and flowerets. Any girl who would grow in such an ambiance would surely know how it feels to be loved and wouldn’t have any qualms in giving love back as well.

Romanticizing Girls’ Bedroom Furniture
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