It is not really flattering to have one pocket fatter than the other because of your super thick wallet, is it? Check out this list and sooner you will have a neater and better-looking wallet. Do not use your wallet as a desk drawer where you stash all your clutter. There are trash cans around. Why don’t you use them? Get rid of tickets that are already used, receipts, movie stubs and the like. You won’t need them anymore, would you? If there are no trash bins near you, like let’s say you’re on the bus, you have to remember to throw them at home. That is why the next tip is quite important.

Clean up your wallet on a regular basis. For sure, if you do not do this often, you would be surprised to see numerous notes and phone numbers which are written on small pieces of paper are there. When you get home, make sure to check what you have stashed in your wallet and transfer numbers and notes to your phone or to an organizer then throw them in the trash after. Maybe you do not really have to do it every day since you might be too tired when you get home and the next day, you often rush back to work. Doing the cleaning once or twice a week would be fine, too. Bring only the cash that you would need for emergencies. Having cash around for emergencies such as taxi fare, tips and such, isn’t bad. But, too much cash in your wallet both makes it look thicker and also attracts pickpockets. When evil-minded people see the amount of money you have in your wallet, you would surely be their next target. Only bring enough to let you make it through the day. You do not need to bring all your credit cards too; unless you are going on a shopping spree or a vacation or somewhere where you would need to pay a lot. So, leave your other credit cards at home. But, if you can’t really leave the house without them, make sure to use a credit card holder wallet so you would have enough space to neatly put your credit cards in. You can check out some sites to see extensive credit card holder reviews to know which one would fit your lifestyle and taste best. Only take with you reward cards and membership cards that you would be using for the day.

IDs are important to bring with you. However, membership cards and reward cards are something you would only use when you go to a certain place. Unless you would need them for your grocery shopping after work or a meeting at a club after work, you better just leave them at home. A wallet is not like a bag where you can put almost everything in it. Do not abuse its use just because you can buy another one when it gets ripped for being too full all the time. Besides, putting a really thick wallet in your jeans’ pocket would possibly damage your pants as well.


Tips to Making Your Wallet Thinner
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